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Cyberoam Security Solutions by Backoffice

Enterprises are increasingly being targeted by both external and internal threats. Spyware, phishing, pharming, viruses and more are targeting the individual user for confidential information. In addition, insiders are compromising enterprise security out of ignorance or malicious intent.

Cyberoam security solutions help organizations close the existing gaps in their security infrastructure through proactive threat management with user identity-based controls. This leads to a safer business environment yielding high productivity and ROI.

Cyberoam Unified Threat Management

Cyberoam UTM appliances integrate best-of-breed security and productivity solutions cost-effectively over a single platform. With a single device to manage, a single set up and direct, unified support, these security appliances provide security to the entire organization, including remote offices and road warriors. The Cyberoam UTM Appliance delivers comprehensive protection from existing and emerging threats that include spyware, viruses, spam, DoS, phishing, and pharming attacks.

The Cyberoam UTM appliance features include Stateful Inspection Firewall, VPN (SSL VPN & IPSec), Gateway Anti-virus and Anti-spyware, Gateway Anti-Spam, Intrusion Prevention System, Content & Application Filtering, Bandwidth Management and Multiple Link Management.

Cyberoam CR Series

  • Security
    • Firewall - VPN
    • Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware & Anti-Spam
    • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
    • Content & Application Filtering
    • Spyware - Phishing - Pharming Protection
  • Productivity
    • Bandwidth Management
    • Multiple Link Load Balancing and Gateway Failover

Identity-based Security

With the individual user being the weakest link in enterprise security, identifying the user and gaining visibility into their online activities has become a critical concern. The only identity-based firewall VPN appliance worldwide, Cyberoam gives complete visibility into “Who is doing What” in the network and allows organizations to push policies at the user level based on the individual’s work profile.

High Availability

Cyberoam's Active-Active High Availability feature maximizes network uptime for organizations and reduces single-point-of-failure to provide business continuity.

Centralized Management - Cyberoam Central Console (CCC)

Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) appliances offer centralized security to large enterprises and MSSPs by delivering complete control over their global distributed networks through real-time threat reports and centralized policies for preventive action. Enterprises enjoy zero-hour protection at branch offices against emerging network attacks despite the lack of technical resources at these locations.

Cyberoam – Endpoint Data Protection

Cyberoam - Endpoint Data Protection addresses the data security and system management requirements of organizations in today’s highly collaborative and mobile business world through the following modules:

  • Data Protection & Encryption
  • Device Management
  • Application Control
  • Asset Management

Cyberoam prevents data leakage from the endpoints through encryption and document control over removable devices like USB drives, CD / DVDs as well as applications like email, chat applications like Skype, Yahoo, MSN, GTalk and more, network sharing and printing.

Backed by shadow copying, logging and archiving, the Cyberoam - Endpoint Data Protection enhances security, employee productivity and efficient management of IT assets while retaining business flexibility. In addition, organizations can meet regulatory and security compliance requirements.

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Cyberoam iView

Cyberoam iView is an open source logging and reporting solution that offers centralized visibility into activities within the organization over multiple devices like firewalls, UTM devices and other security solutions, operating systems, web proxy solutions and more. This allows organizations to view and correlate information across hundreds of users, applications and protocols, enabling them to attain for higher levels of security, data confidentiality and regulatory compliance.

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